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Dear Friend,

You know that life is not simple all the time.

All kinds of pressures, challenges, commitments, racing against time, etc. pull us down causing us stress and anxiety, you forget to take a break and focus on one vital element - your sense of purpose and satisfaction.

You have bills to pay, a family to make time for, EMI's to take care of, a demanding job, and many other obligations that wear you down.

And you realise how your professional and personal issues start affecting your relationships, which also affects your emotions, which may affect your finances, and your other aspects.

And you start seeing how all the different aspects of you are somehow connected. And you cannot address only one without understanding the others too.

Over time, these become significant causes of your anxiety and stress and affect your mental health and overall wellness.

You may have thoughts like:

  • Why are things going out of control?
  • Why am I not happy with my job?
  • Why am I not able to manage my money effectively?
  • Why am I feeling low and depressed?
  • Why am I feel lonely?
  • Why do I avoid meeting people?
  • Why am I losing confidence?

You look around and see your friends, family, colleagues, and strangers, seemingly happy and you often ask yourself: "How do they do it? How are they so happy?"

Do not worry; you are not the only one feeling that way. Most of us go through this tunnel at the end of which...

...there is some good news NOW! It is the start of a NEW BEGINNING!

You now have the opportunity and space to discuss your concerns and share how you feel about the issues you are dealing with.

In these one-on-one consultations, you'll have the time and space to talk about your thoughts, how you feel and the issues you are facing without anyone passing any kind of judgement.

As a Wellness Mentor, I work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand your needs in an in-depth manner that enables sessions that are personalised to your needs.

Together we'll develop a unique solution to face these issues so you can finally live a free and happy life.

Just imagine the relief you'll feel!

The reality is, sometimes you just need someone to talk to who is impartial and non-judgemental.

I want to offer you a FREE 15-minute consultation, to assist with helping you kick-start your health and wellness journey.

Use the session scheduler at the beginning of this page to book your FREE 15-minute consultation now.

Apart from being a Wellness mentor, am also a Wellness Coach.

I understand the relevance of the 8 Dimensions of wellness and how each one of them is connected to the other.

Have decades of experience in the corporate sector and have been involved in people-centric initiatives for very many years.

And most importantly - I understand that almost everyone is facing stress and anxiety today. And am committed to helping people understand the causes of their stress and find solutions to manage stress effectively.

Some of the benefits of Wellness Mentoring include:

Feel calmer and more in control.

Life can make you feel trapped and not in control of your actions and outcomes. This can make you feel frustrated, anxious and nervous about the present, past or future. As your Wellness Mentor - I can help you get the reigns back on your thoughts so that you can be less stressed and calmer.

Build mental well-being and resilience.

Does every negative thing that happens to you feel like an elephant on your shoulder? It's okay and it's not your fault. It may just mean that you're not able to handle your emotions and stresses properly. 

I can guide you through the process of building mental well-being and resilience so that you can manage even the most difficult of situations and get the most out of life.

Find happiness and confidence.

Gain unwavering confidence and long-lasting happiness. Life doesn't have to feel like a slog. Imagine waking up every morning excited for the day! 

I can fill you with energy, and gratitude, as well as help you with your mission in life.

Both are beneficial.

In stand-alone mentoring sessions, you can pick and choose specific areas and work on them at your convenience.

The longer-duration Mentoring Program is structured and allows you to plan a holistic, time-bound, and measurable journey for yourself.

Both serve different needs.

Stand-alone sessions are for those who need a little bit of guidance in specific problem areas.

The Mentoring Program is ideal for those who have been facing problems that have now started causing stress and anxiety in their lives as these allow you to create personalised sessions that address your needs in a more holistic manner.

An easy proven path to lasting results.

The Mentoring Program is like embarking on a wellness journey that produces better results and only uses techniques and methods that help you reach your objectives.

Personalised to your needs.

Every individual is dealing with their own set of problems. The Mentoring Program is personalised to address your particular needs and expectations.

Periodic Wellness Self-Assessments.

There are pre-program and post-program wellness self-assessments that you would be undertaking that will help you see the improvements within you.

AJAY MAHAJAN  - Wellness Coach & Mentor

With over three decades of industry experience, Ajay has been involved in structuring innovative solutions focusing on helping businesses deliver better by conceptualizing, managing and delivering high-impact and reliable solutions.

Ajay is the creator of the Wellness Seekers Program and is a wellness coach & mentor. He has also been associated with the Development Sector for the past 20 years.

He has had professional associations in various capacities with large organizations such as Microsoft Corporation, the World Bank, GIZ, Delhi Government, Crompton Greaves, IDEMIA, etc., and has led the creation and implementation of several large state and national level programs.

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Holistic Mentoring Session for Individuals

Validity Period: 7 days

₹2000 including GST

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