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ENERGISING Holistic Wellness Through The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness
Curated Wellness Programs, Workshops, and Online Courses. 


Learn To Deal With Anxiety And Stress!

Understand How To Manage Your Career, Money, Relationships, Emotions, Etc.

Master Course - 8 Dimensions of Wellness

The Mastercourse addresses issues related to Mental Health & Wellness by delving into the details of each of the 8 Dimensions which would lead to everlasting happiness and wellbeing as long as the tenets covered here are followed. 

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Most people relate Wellness to just Physical Health and often overlook the other important ingredients of overall Wellness. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness include these ingredients for a wonderful and effective recipe to achieve the above wellness.

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness are Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Financial Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness.

  • This nine-course value pack has the Foundation Course along with the advanced courses on each of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness bundled together and is available at a discounted price.
  • It also has an in-depth Self-Assessment for each dimension of Wellness, which will help you assess yourself on that particular dimension.
  • Once you assess yourself, you can identify your improvement areas and take them to your desired level of wellness.
  • Once you complete all nine courses - you would master the eight Dimensions that contribute to your Mental Health & Wellness.
  • The above would ensure that with regular practice of the various aspects covered in these courses - you would achieve success in having a rewarding Career, Wealth, Relationships, and Peace of Mind among others.

All four courses are bundled together and are available at a discounted and very affordable price.





While we definitely recommend the Mastering Wellness Value Pack - there are other options also available. 

Students and Professionals have a clear path defined and can start with the respective VALUE PACKS

If you need help in only one area of your life - you can opt for any of the ADVANCED PACKS.

If you are just starting out on your wellness journey - you can start with the FOUNDATION COURSE 

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