Manage your Environmental Awareness (Pack)
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Manage your Environmental Awareness (Pack)

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The Environmental Wellness value pack contains the Foundation Course and the Advanced Course on Environmental Wellness

The Foundation Course 

  • An understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Effective wealth management
  • Lead a fulfilling career/ professional life
  • Maintain harmonious relationships
  • Achieve physical fitness
  • Develop the art of emotional stability
  • Live in harmony with the external Environment
  • Increase your creative abilities and mental stimulation
  • Enhance your tolerance and attain peace of mind
  • Analyse your current state of wellness across all 8 dimensions through the basic self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Prioritise the area of wellness you need to work upon
  • Implement the basic concepts for your overall well-being
  • It is a precursor to the Advanced courses
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views

Advanced Course - Environmental Wellness

  • In-depth understanding of Environmental Wellness
  • Help identify your interdependence with nature
  • Increase your awareness of your Environment
  • Learn to appreciate what nature offers you
  • Analyse the impact of your behaviours on the environment
  • Understand the effect of your Environment on the health of self and those around you
  • Learn and implement techniques of preserving your Environment
  • Share the above with others for safer and healthier surroundings
  • Help reduce the scarcity of depleting resources
  • Pave the way for a better world for your future generations
  • Understand the need to work towards environmental causes
  • Impact of your environmental wellness on your mental health,  and happiness
  • Understand the 3 strong pillars of Environmental Wellness and their corresponding aspects
  • Analyse the current state of your Environmental wellness through the in-depth Self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Implement the concepts for Environmental wellness
  • See visible changes within yourself on your Environmental Wellness
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views



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