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Manage your Wealth (Pack)

Learn the fundamentals and practices for managing your wealth / money / finances.

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The Financial Wellness value pack contains the Foundation Course and the Advanced Course on Financial Wellness

Start managing your wealth early and lead a financially secure life.

If you are able to manage your wealth and financial health effectively, you will be able to focus better on other areas of your life.   You need to acquire financial health devoid of money-related stress pertaining to not only today, but in the future as well.

This course will enable you understand the WHAT and HOW of the above and the ways to acquire financial knowledge, how to do financial planning and make the right financial decisions to make money and achieve your financial goals.

If you are focus is on managing your money / wealth / finances - this is the pack for you. This has the Foundation Course as well as the Mastering Financial Wellness course bundled together and is available at a discounted price.

The Foundation Course 

  • An understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Effective wealth management
  • Lead a fulfilling career/ professional life
  • Maintain harmonious relationships
  • Achieve physical fitness
  • Develop the art of emotional stability
  • Live in harmony with the external Environment
  • Increase your creative abilities and mental stimulation
  • Enhance your tolerance and attain peace of mind
  • Analyse your current state of wellness across all 8 dimensions through the basic self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Prioritise the area of wellness you need to work upon
  • Implement the basic concepts for your overall well-being
  • It is a precursor to the Advanced courses
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views

Advanced Course - Financial Wellness

  • In-depth understanding of Financial Wellness
  • Learn techniques of successful expense management
  • Acquire the relevant financial knowledge to make wise financial decisions
  • Maintain overall financial health without the stress
  • Plan your financial future for your safety and security
  • Increase your motivation and productivity on all fronts
  • Analyse your behaviours and their impact on your financial wellness
  • Art of making the right financial choices
  • Make the right financial choices for fulfilling your financial goals
  • Understand short-term and long-term gains
  • Tread on the path towards financial freedom
  • Impact of your Financial wellness on your happiness and success
  • Understand the 4 strong pillars of Financial Wellness and their corresponding aspects
  • Analyse the current state of your Financial wellness through the in-depth Self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Implement the concepts for emotional well-being
  • See visible changes within yourself on your Financial Wellness
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views



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