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Wellness Value Pack for Professionals

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Who does not want to succeed in life and in their profession? 

However, when you start working, owing to varied reasons, you may tend to neglect or overlook the other equally important aspects of your life. An environment that is conducive – both internal and external - is extremely important to achieve it. 

To start with, it is important to understand the various aspects affecting your life, which is a priority.

  • The Foundation course provides you with an insight into those various aspects in the form of dimensions.
  • As you start your career, to help you better manage your finances, plan for your future, and meet your financial goals, you have access to the Advanced course on Financial Wellness.
  • To understand yourself and manage your emotions, and handle your relationships both in your personal and professional life in an effective manner, the Advanced course on Emotional Wellness and Social Wellness is ideal for you.
  • For career growth, you need to enjoy the work you are doing and add value to the organisation in which you are working. The relevant details are available to you in the Advanced course on Occupational Wellness.
  • If you want to activate and recharge your mental batteries, you need to be constantly in the learning mode and increase your knowledge and skills. The Advanced course on Intellectual Wellness will provide you with relevant valuable inputs. 

For greater synergy and achieving higher levels of mental health and overall wellbeing, all the above six courses are bundled together and available at a discounted price.





While we definitely recommend the Mastering Wellness Value Pack - there are other options also available. 

Students and Professionals have a clear path defined and can start with the respective VALUE PACKS

If you need help in only one area of your life - you can opt for any of the ADVANCED PACKS.

If you are just starting out on your wellness journey - you can start with the FOUNDATION COURSE 

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