Manage your Peace of Mind (Pack)
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Manage your Peace of Mind (Pack)

Learn the fundamentals and practices for finding your peace of mind.

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The Spiritual Wellness value pack contains the Foundation Course and the Advanced Course on Spiritual Wellness

Can you imagine your life without any set of values, rules, or discipline?

It would be confusing and chaotic with no peace of mind. Hence, it is important to understand your inner self and the purpose of your existence. You need to establish peace and congruence in your life.  How would you do it?

This course deals with the above details and on how to be optimistic, develop tolerance and respect for all, have the required control, and gain spiritual knowledge to find inner peace and harmony.

If peace of mind is what you seek - this is the course for you. This has the Foundation Course as well as the Mastering Spiritual Wellness course bundled together and is available at a discounted price.

The Foundation Course 

  • An understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Effective wealth management
  • Lead a fulfilling career/ professional life
  • Maintain harmonious relationships
  • Achieve physical fitness
  • Develop the art of emotional stability
  • Live in harmony with the external Environment
  • Increase your creative abilities and mental stimulation
  • Enhance your tolerance and attain peace of mind
  • Analyse your current state of wellness across all 8 dimensions through the basic self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Prioritise the area of wellness you need to work upon
  • Implement the basic concepts for your overall well-being
  • It is a precursor to the Advanced courses
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views

Advanced Course - Spiritual Wellness

  • In-depth understanding of Spiritual Wellness
  • Understand that spirituality is beyond prayer and meditation
  • Help understand your inner self
  • Identify your value systems to guide your actions
  • Inculcate the relevant spiritual qualities
  • Learn how to develop tolerance and required control
  • Gain the required spiritual knowledge
  • Find inner peace and harmony
  • Balance your inner needs with the rest of the world
  • Get better clarity in making your life choices
  • Understand the connection between your beliefs and your sense of well-being
  • Impact of your Spiritual Wellness on your mental health and productivity, and on those around you
  • Understand the 4 strong pillars of Spiritual Wellness and their corresponding aspects
  • Analyse the current state of your Spiritual wellness through the in-depth Self-assessment(SA)
  • Devise suitable action plans based on the above SA
  • Implement the concepts for Spiritual wellness
  • See visible changes within yourself on your Spiritual Wellness
  • Watch the videos at your convenience and pace
  • Unlimited course views



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